Cancer Immunology
Molecular Biology

In the Betancur lab we are interested in understanding the mechanisms encoded in the DNA by which cancerous cells avoid being detected and destroyed by the host’s immune system. Toward this goal, we examine the interactions between epigenetic modifiers, transcription factors and the genomic enhancers of target genes that in response to inflammation abnormally activate the immune escape program within tumor or damaged cells during aging, after radiation and in response to infectious diseases. To accomplish our goal, we have long lasting collaborations across campus, at Stanford University and other recognized national and international institutions.

With patients in mind, we are a research group dedicated to finding methods for improving the treatment of cancer by analyzing the DNA of individual patients. In the era of personalized medicine, this information is critical for understanding which therapy will be more effective for each patient, and for targeting specific cancer types, including cancer of the breast.

Our work is possible thanks to our funding sources: